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Hello, princesses!

Princess: Miss Chelsea Belle
Kingdom: a city by the sea on the left coast of America (Santa Cruz, CA)
Your Fairytale: Once upon a time there was a princess who never felt she fit in. Whether it was as a punk princess in her agrarain wasteland hometown, or the fairy princess she became in her hippie chic university. She loved things no one else she met seemed to: books about magic and vampires, Japanese cartoons, dressing up like a lady, "geeky" television and movies, and generally living in her own world of fantasy. But then, one day, the girl discovered Lolita, and learned that there were other princesses just like her! She went on an internet mission to find a befriend as many other princesses as she could. (lol, I feel silly writing about myself in fairytale talk)

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Princess: You Can Call me Benny~
Kingdom: I Came From The Land Of Music. Where Every Step Is A New Tune.
Your Fairytale: I LOVE to draw,, I love to listen to music. I want to learn to sew and make my own outfits. I do not like anime anymore, i got out of it a while ago. My favorite color is pink.
Portrait: None yet im afraid >.<
Paris Hotaru

For the Princesses, A Question About Tiaras...

Hello Princesses! I recently purchased a mini tiara and love it, yet don't want to bore myself wearing it out all the time. I also have a crown, but it is quite heavy and too large to wear with most of my hime-lolita coordinates. So I was wondering, what do you do on days when you go without your tiaras? (If you do... I'm not sure if this practice is quite acceptable?) Do any of you have portraits of tiara-less hime-lolita coordinates? I am also wondering, does hime-lolita have to contain a tiara? Or would an elaborate coordination with furs and frills be acceptable in place of a tiara?

Thank you for your help!

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hello, here is my intro^^


Pandora or Hoshi
Once upon a time there a was a girl who never wanted to grow up.
She loved above all the Lolita fashion, and especially the Hime-loli style.
She also loved to dream, draw and make beautiful things with her hands.
She lived with her her prince in her tiny castle and hoped to live happily for ever like that.