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Princesses of Lolita
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Welcome to the Hime Lolita community! Where every Lolita is a Princess <3

I hope you will join us in celebration of the unique lolita substyle known as Hime-lolita, or "Hime-loli" for short. Membership is moderated for security reasons, but all that is required to join is an interest in lolita fashion and a love for all things royal! We ask new members to post an introduction within seven days of joining the community, as we would like a chance to get to know everyone!

Please use the following or write your own bio.

Princess: your name or username
Kingdom: where are you from?
Your Fairytale: tell us a bit about yourself
Portrait: a photo of yourself, or even a drawing!

The Mission of this Community is simple. To create a little place where those interested in Hime-lolita can gather to share photos and artwork, discuss the fashion and ask questions. We intend to enjoy ourselves and have a bit of fun, at the same time respecting eachother and being supportive of new members. You are welcome whether you enjoy Lolita just as a fashion, or choose to embrace it as a lifestyle, and are expected to live with and respect eachother's differences. Troublemakers will be banned and peace will reign in our little palace.

Please follow these guidelines to keep things neat and tidy

1. No sales posts.
2. All pictures larger than 400px by 400px must go under cut.
3. Any more than one image in a post must go under cut.
4. All content must be related specifically to hime-lolita and classifed as PG-13.
5. The Moderators retain the right to delete any content they deem unsuitable.
6. The Moderators reserve the right to decline membership on an individual basis.
7. We're all Princesses here.

For the purposes of this community Hime Lolita is a sub style of lolita that is centered around the image of a traditional european "Princess." Whether this be fairy-tale princess or historically inspired, royalty is the central concept. Hime-lolita is not just adding a tiara to your normal lolita ensemble, it is usually more formal than standard lolita and utilises richer materials such as silk, organdie, velvet/velveteen, fur, brocade and princess themed prints. It often derives clear inspiration from historical styles such as 18th century french court costume and the most popular accessories include crowns, tiaras, scepters and mantles. Usually Hime-lolita involves extravagant One Piece dresses or formal Jumper skirts, however skirt/blouse coordinates may be appropriate if the materials are suitable and accessories such as capelets can give that royal touch. That said, we appreciate creativity and are happy to see less traditional interpretations as long as there is effort put in and the theme is clearly Princess-inspired.

Have fun!

Princess Skye (skyewishes) and Princess Abigail (abbie_chan)

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